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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence found under MCL 750.81 occurs when a person assaults and batters another person who is a spouse, formers spouse, individual whom he or she has had a dating relationship, and individual whom he or she has a child in common, or a resident of their household. Domestic violence cannot only happen between two lovers but between parents and children and grandparents and children. This crime tends to be highly emotional for the accused and for the victim.

As with all Domestic Violence cases, the presiding judge will mandate a no contact order between the accused and the victim. The accused, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, can have any communication with the victim. This may lead to the accused of moving out of the house that they share or organizing special arrangements for seeing their children.

If you’re charged with Domestic Violence it can completely turn your life upside down. As an attorney, I understand that not only will someone accused of Domestic Violence will need legal advice, but they’ll need consoling. There are a wide variety of legal remedies available to anyone charged with domestic violence.

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